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DB Sustainability Report

DB: Osnaženje za 35% zelenom energijom do 2015-te

"Naš fokus ostaje razvoj naše pozicije kao eko pionira", rekao je Dr. Karl-Friedrich Raussch na prezentaciji DB Sustainability izveštaja 2012-te.

The DB Sustainability Report shows the initial progress of Deutsche Bahn's sustainable DB2020 strategy, which was adopted in the spring of 2012. "We have defined responsible corporate behavior as achieving a balance of economic, social and environmental factors and have formulated three ambitious targets: profitable market leader, top employer and eco-pioneer. These targets continue to guide our course, even if presently we have to deal with difficult market conditions," added Dr. Rausch, Chief Sustainability Officer (CSO) and Head of Transport and Logistics at Deutsche Bahn.

The 150-page report was assessed by the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) as having the highest application level (A+). The key figures: In Germany alone in 2012, around 11,000 new employees were recruited and 2,000 trainees were offered positions. A record among comparable businesses, 179,269 individuals - 95 percent of DB's employees in Germany - have permanent employment contracts. With 11,000 trainees, work-study students and "Chance plus" participants, the DB Group is one of Germany's largest providers of training opportunities. The largest ever employee survey saw participation of 61.4 percent of employees worldwide. A new system for rewarding management for fulfilling targets will be introduced with the year-end bonus. Beside financial KPIs, from 2013 this will take into account environmental performance and customer/employee satisfaction. The change in corporate culture initiated in 2010 has been a central plank of the DB2020 Group strategy since 2012.

DB is one of Germany's largest industrial power consumers. Quantifiable climatic protection targets therefore form key points of the DB2020 strategy.

In 2012, renewable energy accounted for 24 percent of traction current; by the end of 2013 this figure will be around 30 percent. Selected environmental figures also show that DB successfully reduced its worldwide specific CO2 emissions by around 12.3 percent between 2006 and 2012 - and this across all transport modes, i.e. on land, water and in the air.

DB Sustainability Report 2012 

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